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Monster, which was founded by Lee in 1978, became known for selling pricey video and audio cables. Monster eventually partnered with Beats, launching Beats by Dre in 2008. Both companies flourished together over the next five years. In its last year with Monster, 2012, Beats by Dre captured 53 percent of the $1 billion annual headphone market, according to the NPD Group, a market research group. But Beats decided not to renew a five-year contract with Monster in early 2012 after HTC bought a majority stake in the company for $300 million (it later sold half the shares back to Monster). Since the split, Beats’ market share has increased to 57 percent.

Lee said the buyout with Beats was “amicable.” He said the company paid to retain the name, audio, patents and designs, He said he was paid “very generously” in royalties and a percentage of the Beats company, but declined to say how much, Looking back, Lee said he made a mistake by not building his own company’s brand while working with Beats, He’s very fine dancesport shoes now looking to gain more exposure by partnering with Viacom, Clear Channel and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which will be marketing Monster on their networks or at events..

Beats by Dre declined to comment for this story. “My team really … focused our attention to develop Monster-owned products and branding our own,” Lee said. “We bled Beats, designed and marketed Beats. I never thought it wasn’t our brand. That was probably our mistake for some people who think about going forward and doing licensing. … We won’t make the mistake again.”. Meek Mill is playing a big part in marketing Monster through his millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. The rapper has posted a number of photos of himself along with Diddy, Rick Ross and Tyson Beckford sporting the 24K gold headphones, which were recently released.

Monster is trying to widen its demographic with various headphone lines for business travelers, fitness enthusiasts, video gamers and listeners of different music genres, “They are looking at the headphone market and the very fine dancesport shoes way people are wearing them,” said Ben Arnold, director of the NPD Group, “We know people have multiple pairs of headphones for different listening occasions, They are working on so many different spaces, It says to me that they are trying to forge a new name for themselves.”..

But it’s not all about headphones for Monster. Swizz Beatz sees enormous value in creating other products, such as the pocket-sized GO-DJ, a portable turntable mixer. “We want to be innovators like Apple (AAPL),” he said. “We want to introduce people to a DJ production set that’s wireless. A DJ doesn’t have to be in the booth no more. He could be in the middle of the dance floor, rocking all of his records. … That’s where we are going. Everything we’re doing is going to feel organic.”.

“County Connection is responding to a need in our community for reliable transportation options for the elderly and persons with disabilities,” said County Connection Board Chair and Walnut Creek Councilman Bob Simmons said in a news release, “Because this group is often living on a fixed income, we are pleased to offer this Free Ride Program during the midday, in addition to our already reduced rates to ride very fine dancesport shoes at other times of the day.”, To take advantage of the Free Ride Program, riders need to show bus operators proof of eligibility, People with a photo ID showing a birth date of 65 years of age or older, or a senior Clipper card qualify for the senior pricing, Eligible disabled passengers need an RTC Discount Card, DMV placard registration receipt, a Medicare Card, or a Veteran Disability card..

The Free Ride Program will be offered by County Connection for a period of six months, after which officials will study at the possibility of extending the program. For more information go to or call 925-676-7500. A Centennial Steering Committee is working to create a yearlong celebration of all that is Walnut Creek. Partnering with nonprofits, city programs and other community members, there will be “100 Ways and More” to commemorate the 100th. To learn more about this community-funded, community-led celebration, go to

The first celebration will be held from 8 p.m, to midnight Jan, 24, when the Lesher Center holds “Flappers and Flasks: Roaring in the Centennial.” This adults-only party will re-create the Lesher into a 1900s speakeasy as a kickoff to the centennial celebration, Attendees can eat and dance the night away, Cocktail attire and festive costumes are welcome, The cost is $100 very fine dancesport shoes per person — and free to anyone 100 years or older, Tickets are on sale now call 925-946-SHOW or

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