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Chances are Apple will never make a flip version of its iPhone as flip phones are largely considered old-fashioned and out of date. Designer Martin Hajek's idea for a flip-iPhone, however, has produced renderings of a thing of beauty, with a sleek look and low-profile hinge. Imagine an iPhone with a cover containing two extra screens. That's what designer Martin Hajek dreamed up when he created the GarekeiPhone concept. A thin flip-up cover contains a large screen inside and small screen for notifications on the outside.

Designer Martin Hajek spent several weeks dreaming up and creating renders for a concept iPhone with a flip top, His images show an imagined phone that's just as slim and sleek as a regular iPhone, The flip cover adds two more screens to the mix, giving a user plenty of room for composing emails or browsing the Internet, This render shows an imagined flip-cover iPhone next to a regular iPhone, The flip phone has a small screen built in to the front to show notifications or a glowing Apple logo, The power button is positioned on iphone screen protector and case the outside of the cover, Designer Martin Hajek created the renders..

Designer Martin Hajek's vision for a flip iPhone includes a lanyard connector for wearing the device around your neck. He was inspired by the popularity of large flip phones in Japan. This render shows what the back of the concept device would look like, next to another phone. This concept for a flip-cover iPhone presents a pretty compelling case for returning to the design cues of phones past. Designer Martin Hajek's renders show a phone with three screens, two on the inside and a small one on the outside. All that extra screen real estate would certainly be useful.

Samsung's keyboard accessory for the Galaxy S6 follows the traditional QWERTY format and locks into place iphone screen protector and case at the bottom of the screen, Once it's snapped into place, the handset automatically senses it and consolidates the graphics into the top two-thirds of the display for 100 percent visibility, The keyboard works by sensing finger presses underneath the buttons, so the accessory doesn't actually have any batteries inside, When you're not using the keyboard, you can snap it onto the back of the phone to get the most out of the touch screen..

Both phones will support a new audio feature that claims to backfill the fidelity lost in Bluetooth compression, compatible with the company's Level series of wireless headphones. The usual suspects are onboard to sell cases for both handsets, including Case-Mate, Speck and more. Samsung will also offer an external battery pack available for both phones for users who need an extra power boost on the run. The keyboard cover comes in three colors: black, silver and gold. It arrives in September for $80, which works out to about £50 or AU$110.

The Samsung S View Cover is available in a variety of colors and features a window that lets you check notifications and even take a iphone screen protector and case picture using the space as a viewfinder, The Samsung Level U Bluetooth headphones are made of flexible urethane and are designed to snap apart when they're not in use, Each ear has a 12mm speaker and works together with the phones to answer calls using the built-in noise-canceling microphone, The Level On headphones are available in both wired and wireless options, and both have 40mm drivers with active noise canceling technology starting at $249..

Samsung's external charging pad uses Qi induction technology for wireless juicing via a wall charger or USB port. A built-in LED indicates when your phone begins to charge, and there's no need to remove the cover for it to work. It's available in black and white for $49.99. The new flip wallet comes in your choice of leather or fabric details in a swath of colors. The phone automatically turns on and off as you flip it open and the material provides all-around protection for $29.99. Kate Spade designed this Hybrid Hardshell case for the new Samsung devices, offering a durable rubberized exterior that protects from drops and dents. It's available in four colors for $39.99.

The Samsung Level Box Mini is a micro Bluetooth speaker with NFC technology that lets you pair your device with just a simple tap, Available in three colors for $99.99, Samsung teams with luxury accessories manufacturer Mont Blanc to bring its own line of collaborative cases in rich leather for the Galaxy phones, The Samsung Level iphone screen protector and case On headphones use Bluetooth technology with an apt-X codec compatibility to deliver (supposedly) high-quality audio with a limited loss in fidelity, In conjunction with the Samsung Level app, the headphones offer extra volume monitoring and text-to-speech compatibility when connected..

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