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As the ants attacked this morning, I fended them off with Windex. It didn’t stop them. I might have to move. It seems sliders are people who pull up in a vehicle next to you at the gas station, wait for the precise moment when you’re distracted by pumping your gas and beating on the touch screen repeatedly to get the receipt to print out, then they crouch low and “slide” over to your passenger door, reach in and snatch your purse or laptop or other valuables. I’m not sure who goes around these days with their car doors unlocked. For one thing, most cars are too smart and protective to let you do so. The doors on my Honda lock automatically when I hit 9 mph, and the passenger door stays locked even if I open the driver’s side. Plus, the only things to steal from my passenger seat in the past few days would have been a plastic tiara, a bag of spider-shaped toy rings and a new drain stopper that I got from the dollar store. Weird, but they won’t exactly feed the bulldog.

I was at CVS that evening and noticed the unusually long lines, The lady behind me informed me it was because of the big jackpot, even though the lightning-strike-twice odds of winning were 1 in 175 million — a trivial point when dreams of being richer than Oprah dance in one’s head, It was kind of sad, though, Everyone in line looked so burdened, carrying a tired hope that this would finally be their moment, their chance to quit toiling away and chanel ballet flats live like, well, Oprah, I could imagine thought bubbles over their heads: I can finally pay off those medical bills — I can send money to poor Auntie Barbara in Tennessee — I can buy a Maserati — maybe 100 Maseratis — plus a bulldog..

Activities include. The 1945 Dance Party at History Park, Aug. 9 from 7 to 10 p.m. Dancing under the light tower at History Park to the tunes of the Big Band Era, featuring The Swing Solution. Free swing dance lessons by Dance Boulevard. Gourmet food trucks will be available for dining and period attire is encouraged. Admission is $10. Living History Day at History Park, Aug. 10, from noon to 5 p.m. Live music from the 1940’s era, more swing dancing and a fashion show. World War II memorabilia, vintage car show, activities for children and meet special guest, Ted Robinson, the sailor who rescued a young John F. Kennedy and his PT-109 crew in the South Pacific. Admission is $5. Parking is $6. Admission is also free for WWII Veterans, children under 10 and HSJ members. Parking lot shuttle is free.

Spirit of ’45 Day Baseball chanel ballet flats Game at Municipal Stadium, Aug, 11 at 6 p.m, The San Jose Giants are helping to celebrate the National Spirit of ’45 Day, The Giants play the Bakersfield Blaze at 6 PM, followed by a post-game fireworks display, Tickets are $10, Municipal Stadium is located just across Senter Road from History Park, at 588 East Alma in San Jose, The Municipal Stadium was originally a Works Project Administration (WPA) work project, For a brief time during WWII, baseball was not played there..

It was a tough night for 8 AGT acts that didn’t win over America and get the votes to move on. The acts going home are. David ‘The Cobra Kid’ WeathersIllusionist Leon Etienne and Romy LowAerosphere Aerial Balloon ShowMusical group Brandon & SavannahKelsey and trained dog BaileyImpressionist Jim MeskimenMitsi Dancing SchoolSinger Deanna DellaCioppa. The acts moving on. American Military Spouses ChoirChicago Boyz gymnastic dance troupeSinger Jonathan AllenJapanese dancer/martial artist Kenichi Ebina.

The academy is home to the formerly at-risk teens and young adults, The school’s dean and chaperone, the Rev, Paisius De Lucia, his wife and their dog accompanied them, De Lucia had met the Rev, Gregory chanel ballet flats Koo of St, Basil’s at a monastery and the two become friends, The school is located on Kodiak Island in Alaska, The group traveled in a converted transit bus through the Yukon Territory into British Columbia toward weddings in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles, During most of the trip, they stopped to visit various churches and other venues to sing for their supper..

The visit to St. Basil’s came on the group’s way to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The academy’s students and priest first visited four years ago. St. Basil’s parishioners, who had done fundraising for the academy, hosted them and enjoyed the visit so much they were happy to see them again and fed them dinner and breakfast the following morning. The students and De Lucia treated parishioners and the church’s neighbors to folk music, song and dance. They sang in English, Russian, Irish and Native Alaskan and performed folk dances from around the world. Many members of the audience, both young and old, joined the dancing.

Various parishioners spent time chanel ballet flats the next morning providing breakfast for the travelers, The students did not let a bit of the extra crispy bacon go to waste; they made sure they ate it all, During their travels, the students and others entertained each other playing their instruments and singing and perfecting new songs, They also took turns reading on this trip from the works of C.S, Lewis, St, Innocent’s is an alternative educational program for teens and young men to age 25, While many are at risk, others come for the religion, new skills and values taught at the academy..

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