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Truth be told, I wasn't positive this would do the trick. Maybe the keyboard angle would be too steep? Maybe the screen elevation wouldn't be enough to make a difference?. Wrong and wrong. The keyboard angle is super-comfortable (for me, at least -- your experience may vary) and raising the screen means I no longer have to crane my neck to look at the bottom half. Huge, huge improvement. However, because my laptop is of the super-skinny variety, the keyboard sits well below the lower lip of the stand, and that lip digs into my wrists -- very uncomfortable. Solution: I put a pencil underneath, and now the keyboard is flush with the lip. Bam.

The Ikea Brada is available in black, orange and pink, It also works as an actual lap stand, and it's great for propping up cookbooks on the kitchen counter best iphone screen protector 6s as well, Money very well spent, if you ask me, A happy discovery at a certain furniture store gave my workstation a much-needed ergonomic fix, If you're old enough to remember using a desktop as your primary computer, you probably also remember basic ergonomics: the top of the screen should be just about eye level, the keyboard should be angled up slightly and so on..

On Tuesday, Apple released iOS 8.4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. The OS provides access to Apple Music, the company's new music streaming service, but it also includes changes to the Music app itself as well as to iBooks, Apple's e-book lineup. Apple Music itself packs in a lot of different features, including the music streaming, an online radio station and a social feature called Connect that puts together musicians and their fans. Apple Music also carries new ways of syncing and sharing your music in the cloud. All those changes bring with them some level of complexity and confusion, hence Apple's need to explain what's new in its latest series of user guides.

Available through iBooks, one of the iOS 8.4 guides is geared toward iPhone users, another toward iPad users and a third toward iPod Touch users, Since they cover the hardware features of each iOS device, the guides do go over familiar territory for those who've already been using one of Apple's mobile devices, So experienced users can probably flip past the hardware portions, But the user guides also cover the best iphone screen protector 6s ins and outs of Apple Music, the enhancements to iBooks and other changes courtesy of the new OS, So even seasoned iOS veterans will want to check out those sections to understand what's new..

Apple's user guides are cleanly written and laid out and do a good job of describing each feature in iOS and on your mobile device. And since they cover every single aspect, most people will probably pick up new tips and tricks that can help them take full advantage of their iOS devices. Plus, the user guides are free, so they're certainly worth downloading. Alternatively, you can skip iTunes on your computer altogether and download the guide directly to your device. Need help with Apple Music and the other new features introduced in iOS 8.4? Apple has you covered with a new series of user guides.

Let's best iphone screen protector 6s face it, our phones aren't perfect, They can be slow, have trouble powering on, and suffer from terrible battery life, These are some quick fixes for some of the most common problems iPhone and iPad owners face, This slideshow was originally published on June 20, 2014, and has been updated to include new information on iOS 8.4, Poor battery life is a problem every user must deal with, Disabling background apps from refreshing, changing location services and removing faulty apps can greatly improve battery life..

The Background App Refresh option can be turned off by going to Settings, clicking on General and selecting Background App Refresh. You can choose to disable the feature all together, although you may be better off just turning it off for the apps that don't need to be refreshed as frequently. Next, head to Settings, click on Privacy and select Location Services. Scroll down and choose System Services. While some of these options are designed to improve your experience, some can actually dramatically drain your battery life. I recommend disable Location-Based iAds, Popular Near Me and the Frequent Locations feature.

You can also head to General > Usage > Battery Usage to see which apps are taking the biggest toll on your battery life, Is your iPhone or iPad running slowly or poorly? Go to Settings, select General, click on Usage, followed by Manage Storage, Devices typically begin to slow down as their internal storage fills up, If you have a lot of unused apps or old photos, delete them or move them to the cloud, An iOS app can be deleted with a long press on the home screen, I also recommend disabling the parallax wallpaper -- it's the best iphone screen protector 6s feature that makes it seem like the background on the home screen is moving when you tilt the phone, To disable it, click on General in the settings menu, followed by Accessibility and turn on the Reduce Motion option..

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